2012 Interns

The new class of interns has taken shape. Learn more about them here.

Sulaiman Mohammed Al Salmi, from Alrustaq, Oman, is the Community Outreach Environmental Education Coordinator for the Environment Society of Oman.  He writes, “Being a part of the Acadian Internship will give me the tools to work more efficiently and implement effective methods for conservation in my country where applicable.”


Tesfaye Belete is an M.Sc. student in Environmental Science at Wageningen University and Research Centre in the Netherlands.  In addition to his experiences in natural resource management, which he developed in Ethiopia, he is looking for new Canadian/North American practical international experiences through which he will encounter different international students and staff and which, he believes, will be very enriching for his curriculum.

Monzer Bouwadi was born in a small town on the outskirts of Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve in Lebanon.  The biosphere reserve constitutes five percent of the area of Lebanon and constitutes the largest collection of cedar forests in the Levant.  Growing up among those forests, Monzer developed a keen understanding of the terrain, wildlife, and subtle and complex ecosystems around him.  He writes, “It was the Shouf Nature Reserve’s institutions and rangers that transformed me from a hunter into an observer of the splendor of nature and wildlife.  Since then I decided to dedicate my life to preserve and protect these natural treasures.”  He volunteered to construct new hiking trails and maintain ancient ones, which do not harm the natural diversity of the biosphere.  He became a local tourist guide in the reserve and surrounding regions.  He still works as a guide, and he also assists in running a volunteer program for young activists and teenagers interested in sustaining their way of life.

Ane Braga is an Environmental Science masters student at Brunel University in London, UK.  She graduated from the University of Vale do Itajai in Brazil with a B.Sc. in Oceanography.  She is looking forward to interacting with exciting people and projects.



Ray Crouch is from Danbury, Connecticut and is interested in ecology and land management.  He attends Yale University where he is majoring in Environmental Studies and has taken environmental engineering as well as political ecology courses.  He is also active in community organizing and hopes to one day be the hybrid of a scientific expert and social activist.


Fiona Dearth, a native of Portland, Oregon, is a student at Amherst College, Massachusetts, where she is pursuing courses in environmental studies and political science.  Fiona is passionate about conservation and international development.  She is looking forward to broadening her understanding of ecological sustainability issues by working with conservation-oriented non-profits this summer.


Arielle Dehn is a freshman at the University of Maine at Machias, majoring in Marine Biology.  Before college, she lived in Plainville, Massachusetts.  She is interested in this internship because she thinks that the Acadian region is one of the most beautiful places she has ever been.




Jameela El-Atrash of Ramallah, Palestine has a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering.  She is currently studying as an M.A. candidate at Al-Quds University in the Environmental Science department there.  She has experience working with the Ministry of Local Government in Palestine as a technical advisor for the Joint Service Councils for Solid Waste Management.


Ildiko Losonci is a graduate student at the University of New Hampshire.  She is originally from Budapest, Hungary.  She believes that the Acadian Internship will give her the opportunity to get practical experience in a region where various stakeholders and multiple nations work together to accomplish effective ecosystem conservation.



Paul Nelson was born and raised in Weston, MA and is now living in Cambridge, MA. He is a rising junior at Allegheny College in Meadville, PA where he is majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Spanish. Paul learned about the Acadian Internship through the Quebec-Labrador Foundation and he says, “It was too good of an opportunity to pass up. I am looking forward to soaking in as much as I can from this experience as well as meeting new people!”


Katherine Pierce, a native of Buffalo, New York, graduated from St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY this past May.  Pierce earned a combined major in Environmental Studies and English and received a minor in Music during her time at St. Lawrence.  She is very passionate about wildlife conservation and saw this opportunity with the Acadian Internship program as a great way to pursue her passions through research and fieldwork.


Lindsay Stevenson is currently a junior at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, majoring in Wildlife Conservation.  She is from Mount Laurel, New Jersey and is interested in this internship because she thinks she will gain valuable skills not only from the course, but from the internship itself.  She is excited to learn how to cooperate with different groups and organizations to work together and help conserve important ecosystems and areas of land.


Daniel Walsh is currently attending Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT) in Ireland.  He is going into his fourth year of Freshwater and Marine Biology studies.  He has had a strong love for the environment ever since he can remember.  He has been involved in many programs involving the conservation of animals and plants, and he thinks this Acadian Internship will be a fantastic new experience for him.  He hopes that the knowledge and skills he learns through this internship will be helpful to him, and perhaps he will be able to apply them when he gets back to Ireland.

Petra Ziadeh is a student at Al-Quds University in Palestine.  She is majoring in Environmental Science with a political science minor.  Petra is looking forward to learning more about conservation-related issues in the United States and to gaining practical work experience.


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